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Lara Schneider, aka Psyphyte, has been DJing for 16 years, starting out as one of the first female
DJs to represent psytrance in Seattle. She has played in every kind of venue imaginable, from abandoned
train tunnels and clubs to forests, farms, hills, and snowy mountains all around the Pacific Northwest.
Whatever the setting, she has always been guided by one of the truest principle of Djing: a direct and spontaneous relationship to the energy of the crowd. She eschews pre-prepared sets in favor of improvisation, relying on her extensive and oft-replenished record collection and her sensitivity to the audience, both honed
by many years of experience on both sides of the stage.

The experience of hearing psytrance for the first time, in her words, was life-changing: it was like I
had found my Spirit. After moving to Seattle from Vancouver, Canada, Lara began to explore the scene
and put down the roots that have sustained her ever since. It wasn't much later that she inherited a
massive vinyl collection from a retiring local DJ, at which point a close friend made an observation
that proved pivotal: you can't have all that music and not play it out. As she began to spin records
and develop a name for herself, she became affiliated with local psytrance crew Inertia Labs and for
the next couple years performed at a series of landmark parties and festivals that solidified her place
at the forefront of the community. She's since been a staple at clubs, major festivals and other
electronic music events throughout the region, coming to fully embrace electronic music as a life
long passion.

Her future plans are sustained by precisely the same energy that have powered the last 14 years.
Her ambition is to continue charting the ever-diversifying horizons of psytrance and the way it
increasingly crosses over with other genres, with a keen sense for the explorations of the past. Even
as she combs through the latest releases Lara maintains a deep understanding of the sound's history
in Goa, reaching beyond the last ten years to the 1990s where the origins of psychedelic sound first
sprang to life. Today she continues to recapture those timeless sensations and deliver them
to every audience she meets.

Lara is also happily married and works as a Game Artist in the Seattle area.

FOR BOOKING or MORE INFO: lara at djlara dot net